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Ellie Dale Anderson is a fiber and sculpture artist from Michigan currently based in Chicago . Through familial traditions, memories, and scientific findings she works to explore the ever vast relationship we hold with the natural world. Through walking and gathering materials to incorporate into her pieces, she creates an ecosystem of found objects and memories. By looking at the past lives of these materials she reimagines a new future. Common objects such as rocks, sticks, broken glass, seed pods and grocery bags are transformed. By changing common materials she contemplates new ways to envision our world and the fragility of its systems. In the process of making these ecosystems, objects are wrapped, dipped, and woven together.  She sees wrapping and weaving these materials together as an act of care towards the object in hopes of preserving it. In the process of making she reflects on stillness, gesture, and the act of mending.  Common source imagery that informs her practice comes from cellular structures of plants that she holds childhood memories with.  She is fascinated by these molecular structures and their similarities between woven thread.  Together she sees her work as a site where a patched collection of interconnected moments can coexist.  

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